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The Portuguese destination of Alentejo is renowned for the cultural insight and historical attractions that it offers to guests of its vacation rentals and homes. There are numerous ancient castles, wineries, and religious sites, all of which exhibit the unique charm that Alentejo uses to tempt travelers.

While in the area, be sure to venture out form your vacation rental to explore the ruins of the second century Roman temple of the goddess Diana, and then balance your historical perspective with a visit to the Christian shrines of Evora. One of the most famous churches, the Cathedral of Evora, claims to host part of the cross of Christ.

The history and allure of Alentejo is not limited to religious matters; there are several castle ruins to explore, as well as beaches, wineries, villages and museums. No matter how you choose to enjoy your stay at an Alentejo vacation home, you are sure to have a memorable experience.

The small Portuguese region of Algarve provides guests of Algarve’s vacation rentals profound insight into the unique lifestyle of the rural Portuguese. There are spas, castles, museums, zoos, and family fun parks. The possibilities in this small destination are virtually limitless.

While visiting this country paradise, explore the small mountain villages that give Algarve its’ unique appeal, stand in awe at the architectural accomplishments of Portugal’s castle builders, and then dine out in one of coastal Algarve’s renowned seafood restaurants.

If time permits, venture out from your Algarve vacation rental and bring your family to the regions’ two main zoos, and top off the evening with trips to Krazy World and Slide and Splash Aqua Park. With something for every guest of Algarve’s vacation homes, this Portuguese travel destination deserves special attention from everyone on vacation in the area.