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Places to Eat / Restaurant Reviews Cabo San Lucas

Art Galleries:
Culture in Cabo? San Jose del Cabo is home to some wonderful galleries including one of the newest arrivals on the scene: The Old Town Gallery, San Jose del Cabo

Glass Art by Louis Sakalovsky featured at the Old Town Gallery in San Jose del Cabo.

Renting a villa. Have it stocked with food and beverages before you arrive.

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Southern Baja La Paz.

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Cabo San Lucas

Whether you are coming to Cabo San Lucas on vacation, business, to get married or simply to escape from a harsh climate.... About Cabo is a great place to find useful tips and tidbits." - - A Seasoned Cabo Traveler

What is Los Cabos?
The area known as Los Cabos is anchored by San José del Cabo on the east and Cabo San Lucas on the west. These 2 towns are as different as the regions stunning topography. Between the towns lies what's called the Corridor, a well-paved road dotted with posh hotels, unimpeded ocean views, breathtaking golf courses and gorgeous beaches.

Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, the Tourist Corridor in between and the East Cape make up the municipality of Los Cabos (meaning the Capes). click here for a Map

Where is Los Cabos
Los Cabos is located at at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula.


Stunning Cabo San Lucas Villa Rental
Located in the Pedregal

Cabo San Lucas Villa Rental

This home will please even the most stringent critiques.

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What's the weather like in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Sur?
Click here for weather information.

What airlines fly into Cabo San Lucas? In fact they fly into San Jose del Cabo's international airport? Airlines that fly into Cabo San Lucas

Golf Courses Read more about the area's Golf courses.

Fishing World Class Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Beaches: More than you can imagine.

Nightlife - If Cabo San Lucas is not world famous for nightlife, it should be.

Is Cabo San Lucas a good place for a family vacation? Family Vacations in Cabo San Lucas

Restaurants - like all major tourist destinations, Cabo has its share of restaurants, some good, some bad and most somewhere in between. Cabo's Marina is home to a large number of restaurants, most of the very expensive with only average food.

A wedding? There is a reason Los Cabos is known as Paradise.

What about Hurricanes? In summer months Cabo San Lucas can experience a hurricane's wrath, however, most of the year, the weather here is gorgeous.

When is the best time to see the Whales? Whale Season.:)

Is Baja a good place to invest in Real Estate?

Other Frequently asked questions.

Family Fun:
When in Cabo an interesting place for the entire family to visit is The Glass Factory. The Glass Factory is located just outside downtown Cabo San Lucas, and its a fascinating experience; watching glass blowers create beautiful creations. For more information on the Glass Factory visit there website... The Glass Factory.