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Frequently Asked Questions

To call Los Cabos from the United States, dial 011-52-624 and the five digit local number.

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When you Arrive in Los Cabos

You will be approached concerning transportation and at the same time about time shares Do not be fooled by the offer of complimentary shuttle service, the tout will ask you for the name of your hotel while posing as someone who actually might be there to help you, no matter what hotel you say he will tell you that if you go to the counter they will arrange for a complimentary shuttle bus to take you to your hotel – read scam!.

On exiting the airport, don’t waste your or money with the taxis as they are very expensive. Take a shuttle bus to your hotel or vacation rental..

When at a restaurant
You'll have to ask for the check in a restaurant or you won't get it, it's a custom to ask for the check when you are ready to leave.

Speaking Spanish is not a prerequisite, but understanding how much things cost certainly is. Brush up on your ability to convert your money into Mexican Peso's. Its a good skill to have when you are about to spend a large denomination bill for something inexpensive and expect to receive change back.

Currency, Exchange Rates & Credit Cards
Make certain you have cash. Do not use US Dollars as the exchange rate provided by stores will be costly. Most stores & restaurants do not accept credit cards. Your best bet is to use an ATM card to get cash, as the exchange rate is based on Mexico City and more favourable than if you exchange money here.

Driving in Cabo
Driving in Mexico is an experience, and is not the place to be timid . Buy the insurance; this is not a place where you should skimp on your liability or damage coverage.

Staying on the Corridor
The "Corridor" hotels are the ultimate in luxury, but if you want to party, keep in mind that taxi fare from the "corridor" to town will run you more than $20, one way! The Corridor is a beautiful place to stay and is home to some of the areas most gorgeous vacation rentals.

Be careful when walking in Los Cabos.
Walk carefully in Cabo. Cobblestones are the norm because all of the cement and concrete is being used to build new buildings. If you have a weak stomach, some of the not so nice smells may also get to you. Sanitation is not one of Cabo's or Mexico's high points.Cabo's sidewalks are not often very smooth. Even in the tourist areas downtown they're cracked and uneven.