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Best Cities for Sex, Sun & Women

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Every city has a lot to offer – depending on what you’re looking for. And, if you’re a single, successful woman that’s looking for a weekend away or a new home, here are some of the best cities to suit every taste and need.

For taking care of yourself


Austin – for the artsy

Known as ‘The Live Music Capital of the World’, Austin is able to boast about much more than it’s burgeoning music scene. The city is also known for it’s beautiful day spas and it’s amazing hiking and biking. Truly a city filled with culture, music, and arts – all while allowing for relaxation and comfort!


Chicago – for the foodie

Whether you’re looking for one of the nation’s best pizzas, or looking for a 12 course tasting meal, Chicago has something for everyone in the world of fine cuisine. If you’re interested in the true deep dish pizza, check out Lou Malnati’s or Gino’s East, and if in the mood for a more serious experience, check out Grant Achatz’sAlinea or Homaro Cantu’s Moto. Regardless of your taste or budget, Chicago has something for everyone.


Denver – for the healthy

Ranked nationally for ‘healthiest sex life’, Denver boasts a great nightlife, relatively healthy job market, and great outdoor activities close at hand to have fun and stay healthy. Also, it has practically every climate, and outdoor activity, close at hand. Denver is a perfect place to take care of yourself, your body, and your mind.


Orlando – for the shopper

From unique and fun boutiques to one of the largest outlet malls in the country, Orlando covers every price point and style in the shopping world. And not only does the city cater to the shopaholic, it also caters to the family, who can spend the day enjoying amusement parks, theme parks, and water parks – all while you’re out enjoying the shops! When visiting Orlando consider staying a Disney area vacation rental for luxury and savings.


Top cities for enjoying your time

Key West

Key West – for the sunshine

Boasting one of the most moderate and comfortable sunshine systems in the nation, Key West enjoys plentiful sunshine, moderate temperatures, and little rainfall. Combine this with beautiful white sand beaches, beautiful gardens and parks, and many outdoor activities, and you have a recipe for the perfect location for the sunshine-addictedKey West vacation rentals are a great way to go for more space and luxury duirng your visit.

Scottsdale – for the nightlife

Looking for a city that never sleeps, rarely rains, and always has something fun going on? Scottsdale is your spot. Hours from Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Scottsdale brings the best of both these worlds to it’s streets with a vibrant nightlife and fun party scene day and night. Stop at one of the many city’s resort’s pools, stay up late at one of the many nightclubs, and in between stop at any of the city’s many delicious restaurants to keep the party going!


Minneapolis– for the outdoors

Minneapolis is a mecca for the outdoor-oriented. It’s ranked as a top city for bicycling, running, fishing, golfing, and skiing. With over 16% of the city devoted to parks and abundant lakes around the city, it truly is an outdoor paradise. Minneapolis experiences a full range of seasons, allowing for a full range of outdoor activities and year-round fun.

 San Diego

San Diego – for the beaches

Known for appealing climate and beautiful terrain, San Diego has beautiful beaches that are perfect for the sunbather, the surfer, or the outdoor type. Because of the perfect temperatures, San Diego appeals to the casual beach-goer, with the ocean breeze and mild temperature making the beach an everyday experience. When visiting the San Diego area consider staying in a private San Diego Beach rental rather than in  a hotel.

Top cities for finding a match

New York

New York

New York City has it all – finance, business, art, music, film, technology, and fashion. And, with all these successful industries comes a constant stream of successful bachelors within them. With almost 8.2 million people living in the city, and one of the wealthiest population bases in the world, New York is a place where everyone can find their match.



Portland has become synonymous with cultural diversity, acceptance, and forward thinking. The city has a vibrant art scene, a robust music industry, and a thriving business market. The city’s slogan, ‘Keep Portland Weird’ certainly appeals to a certain group of people. And Portlanders are known for their passion in whatever they pursue, their industrious nature, and their tenacity.

 San Jose

San Jose

Also known as Silicon Valley, San Jose is one of the nations largest cities, and most successful. Home to companies like CISCO and Adobe, this tech-driven town has a large proportion of its population as single business types. Also, it boasts one of the healthiest and most physically fit populations in the nation. Combine successful, single, and healthy, and you have a recipe for a great town to meet someone special.

 San Francisco

San Francisco

Known as a cultural and financial center on the west coast, San Francisco has been a hub for growth and industry for centuries. And with that, the population has become an affluent, culturally minded center for start up companies, successful businesses, and forward thinking artists.

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