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Your Complete Guide to Ireland

The mere mention of the word Ireland conjures up images of the Blarney Stone, leprechauns, and pots of gold, but Ireland is much more than those stereotypes. Boasting a mild climate and lush green landscape, Ireland is a paradise of art, history, and culture. Celtic music is just one reason to plan a visit to Ireland. How about the food, entertainment, and sightseeing?

Irish Culture

Irish Literature – Read Irish literature online free.

Island Ireland – Links to resources for Irish literature.

Spirit – Watch this new film by Ronan Gallagher online for free.

Irish Music International – Buy traditional Irish music.

Irish Customs – Interesting information about the culture and customs of Ireland.

Irish Traditional Music Archive – Browse through the online collection of digitized material, sound recordings, print or visual materials.

Celtic Art and Culture – Images of Celtic art and other Celtic designs.

Irish Culture – Comparison of Irish and American cultures.

Celtic Music – Fact sheet defining Celtic music

Celtic Music – Links to online resources for Celtic music.

Tourism and Travel

Cliffs of Moher – Beautiful coastal tourist site.

Dingle Peninsula Tourism – The Dingle peninsula and the Blasket Islands are steeped in history and mystery.

Killarney Tourism – Golf, fishing, entertainment, and more.

Irish Tourism – Homepage for the Irish Tourism office.

Aer Lingus – Provides air service to and from Ireland; government owned.

Ferries – Information on taking a ferry to Ireland.

Northern Ireland Tourism Guide -Everything you need to know about visiting Northern Ireland.

Fishing Vacations – Information on fishing in Ireland.

Connemara Countryside – Official Connemara tourism site.

Blarney Castle – Visit Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney Stone.

Irish News and Information

Breaking News – Online source of the latest news sources.

Irish News Online – Links to online news sources.

Herald – Online news from Dublin, Ireland, and the world.

Irish Journal of European Law – Journal published by the Irish Society for European Law; focuses on studying all aspects of European law.

Irish Central – Publishes Irish Voice and Irish American magazine.

Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine – Peer reviewed articles on psychiatry.

Sunday World – Irish business newspaper.

Irish Independent News – Published by the Independent News and Media PLC (INM) group.

RTE Television and Radio – Divisions of Radio Telefis Eireann (RTE); public service broadcasts.

The Irish Times -   Print and online newspaper. 

Irish Republican News - Sports, arts, and other news with a Republican slant.

Celtic Languages

Irish Languages - Basic guide and sound files for Gaelic along with links to online Irish lessons.

Gaelic Beginner's Guide - Fact on basic principles of spoken Gaelic.

Celtic Language Links - Resource pages of language links.

Dictionaries - Links to online Gaelic dictionaries.

Surviving Celtic Languages - Find out which Celtic languages are spoken today.

Celtic and English Language History – Fact sheet on Celts and the evolution of English in the British Isles.

Celtic Language Influences – A scholarly look at how Celtic languages have influenced the English language.

Celtic Languages – Overview of the study of Celtic languages.

Celtic and English Language History – Fact sheet on Celts and the evolution of English in the British Isles.

Irish Lesson – Basic Irish lesson from Celtic harpist Dennis Doyle with links to other items of Irish interest.

Educational Institutions and Universities

Madison Area Technical College (MATC) – Study in Irish culture and history in historic Carlow, Ireland.

Royal Irish Academy (RIA) – Homepage for the Royal Irish Academy of science and humanities.

Dublin City University – Offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in over 80 disciplines to full-time, part-time, and distance learners.

National University of Ireland Maynooth – Affiliated campus of the National University of Ireland offering liberal arts and science degrees.

Trinity College Dublin – Prestigious university with over 400 years experience in academic excellence.

University College Cork (UCC) – Offers many educational paths such as undergraduate, lifelong learner, or international student programs.

University College Dublin – Since 1854, University College Dublin has been educating and graduating students like author James Joyce.

National University of Ireland Galway – Since 1845 NUI Galway has maintained a reputation for providing academic excellence in a research-based environment.

University of Limerick – The University of Limerick offers educational services to a wide group of people: undergraduates, post graduates, part-time students, international and mature students.

Kilby’s College – Kilby’s College offers top-notch distance learning programs for everyone.

Political Parties and Organizations

Sinn Fein – The Republican Party of Ireland; works for a united self-governed Ireland.

Fianna Fail – Homepage of Fianna Fail, an Irish Republican party.

Fine Gael - United Ireland Party working for Irish independence; progressive movement that opposes political violence.

Irish Labour Party – Socialist party

Green Party – Mission is to work for sustainable economic growth and environmental protection.

Socialist Party – Mission is fighting for workers’ rights.

Workers Party – Socialist represents working class members in Ireland.

Communist Party of Ireland – Marxist organization working for the socialization of Ireland.

Political Parties – Links to major Irish political organizations.

Ulster Unionist Party – Moderate unionist political party in Northern Ireland.

Government and Political Resources

President Mary McAleese – Official website for the President of Ireland.

Mary Robinson – Biography of Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland.

Northern Ireland – Overview of government and political issues involving Northern Ireland.

Parties and Paramilitaries – Links to information about the parties and paramilitaries involved in the Northern Ireland conflict.

Political Resources – Fact sheet on political parties in Northern Ireland.

Taioseach – Home page for Mr. Brian Cowen, T.D., current Taioseach (head of the Irish government).

Ireland Government – Links to departments of the Irish government.

Northern Ireland Assembly – Website for the devolved government called the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Houses of Oireachtas – The Parliament of Ireland.

Government in Ireland – Links to information about the government in Ireland.

Irish-American Political and Cultural Organizations

Irish Northern Aid – American based organization working for a united Ireland.

Irish American Unity Conference – Works for a united peaceful Ireland.

Irish American Heritage Center – The mission of this group is the preservation of Irish culture via the arts, dance, and other venues.

The Irish Text Society – Promotes the study of Irish literature.

Chicago Gaelic Park – Fifty acre site dedicated to supporting Irish American community relationships.

Academy of Irish Music – The mission of the Academy of Irish music is providing education and performance opportunities for students interested in Irish music.

The American Irish Partnership – A partnership to develop business relationships with the U. S., North, and South Irelands while providing social, education, and economic opportunities in Ireland.

Irish American Cultural Institute – This organization formed to preserve and promote Irish American culture.

Irish American Archives – Collection of Irish American ephemera and memorabilia from the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Irish Center of Southern California – This organization provides support to the Irish American community and promotes Irish culture and tradition.

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