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A Complete Guide to Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a mysterious prehistoric monument made entirely of large stones, and is located in Wiltshire, England. There have long been many mysteries surrounding this amazing structure, and no one knows exactly when it was created or who put it there. Of course, there are plenty of legends and stories that go with Stonehenge. Many believe the Druids put it there, while some actually think alien life forms may have created it. Scientists put the time of construction of Stonehenge at about 3100 BC, or over three thousand years before Jesus Christ. Many believe that the monument had more elements to it at one time, and that weather, theft, and time itself have changed the way Stonehenge now looks. There were several "construction" phases involved with Stonehenge, and the periods consisted over thousands of years. The monument was once owned by King Henry VIII, and is now a public monument where visitors can see its many wonders. Some Druids still travel to Stonehenge to worship, and it is a popular tourist attraction for thousands of people each year.

The Mystery of Stonehenge – What makes Stonehenge such a mystery, and why it's so amazing

The Three Periods of Stonehenge – A brief overview of the three construction periods

New Clues to Stonehenge – Recent scientific findings discovered a third stone ring near the site

Ancient Village & Stonehenge – How an ancient village in Britain reveals some answers about the famous site

Facts About Stonehenge – Some fast facts about Stonehenge

Stonehenge: Past and Present – Some ways this famous site has become an icon for today

The Real Story – Information about why Stonehenge was built and what it was used for

Function and Construction – Theories about what Stonehenge was used for originally

Summer Solstice Celebration – Thousands of people gather each year for the summer solstice at Stonehenge

Winter Solstice – How Stonehenge is tied to the winter solstice

Theories About Stonehenge – Some theories about what the site was used for or built for

Myths, Construction, and Theories – A good resource with photos and information about its construction, aswell as theories

Arthurian Legend – A brief overview of Stonehenge and the Arthurian legend

King Arthur & Stonehenge – More information about the legend

Mystery & Restoration – Many believe that Stonehenge was rebuilt once, while others disagree

Is Stonehenge at Risk? – What some people are doing or want to do in order to restore and save the famous site

Stonehenge Today – How we as humans interact with Stonehenge today

The History of Stonehenge – Some background information

Pagans and Druids – How and why these groups of people choose to worship and celebrate at Stonehenge

Research Revealed – Scientists have revealed the results of some of their research to millions all over the world

World Heritage Site – About the organization dedicated to preserving and researching Stonehenge

Stonehenge Riverside Project – Information about the project, its mission and goals

More About the Riverside Project – Five universities are working together to preserve and research the site

Mystery Man of Stonehenge – How a skeleton found by scientists can lead to new discoveries

Stonehenge Mystery – One man's account of his visit to the famous monument

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