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Explore Italy's Volcanoes

Italy is located just north of the boundary between the African Plate and the Eurasian Plate. As such, it experiences a lot of volcanic activity. The country is home to more than 30 volcanoes, most of which are dormant. These volcanoes are mostly located within one of three clusters of volcanism in Italy, and these clusters are situated along the central region of the mainland, in the northeastern part of Sicily, and around the island of Pantelleria. Now, there are three active volcanoes in the country, they are Mount Etna in Sicily, Stromboli on the Aeolian Islands, and Mount Vesuvius near Naples. Mount Vesuvius is the volcano that destroyed the city of Pompeii, and it is presently the last remaining active volcano in the European mainland. Here are websites that provide more information about Italy’s volcanoes.

Mount Etna


Mount Vesuvius

Other Italian Volcanoes

  • Mount Amiata: Article that discusses the formation and characteristics of Mount Amiata, the second highest volcano in Italy.
  • Colli Albani: Description of the volcanic activities of the Colli Albani in the past.
  • Evolution of Roccamonfina: A brief explanation of how the Roccamonfina evolved over time.
  • Vulsini Volcanic Field: Basic information about the Vulsini Volcanic Field.
  • Monte Cimino: Comprehensive overview of the Monte Cimino volcano.
  • Monte Vulture: List of facts on Monte Vulture.
  • Vico: Article that provides a detailed description of the Vico volcano.
  • Ischia: Summary of information on the Ischia volcano.

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