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No, We're Not There Yet: A Guide to Keeping Kids Occupied in the Car

A road trip can be an opportunity for a family to grow closer together. In fact, parents and kids can become reacquainted with the help of games and activities that are perfect for a driving adventure. There are games made for smaller children and some that are suitable for every traveler. With the help of an absorbing road trip game, the miles will disappear in no time!

Parents experience many feelings as they embark on a car trip with their young children. They are excited to make preparations to leave their home and daily life behind. Young children can be just as excited about a trip's destination, however the getting there part of it can be tough. In a car travel situation sooner or later parents will hear the inevitable question: Are we there yet? In order to avoid hearing this question (or any other) too many times, parents find games and activities that are made for the road extremely useful. Whether it is a traditional car travel game or a silly new one that a parent comes up with, everyone is appreciative of an activity that keeps kids laughing and occupied.

First, try giving the children several activity options. One child may choose to color in a coloring book while another prefers to listen to a parent read aloud from a favorite chapter book. After a child is finished with one activity, he or she can choose another. Books on tape, sticker collections, and small toys will also keep kids occupied. Keeping a collection of appealing options at hand is a great way to give kids the freedom to choose how they want to spend their time.

Another idea is to provide incentives for good car travel behavior. It's a fun idea to buy some inexpensive toys, coloring books, word games, or perhaps some delicious treats to reward the children for behaving well. These rewards prove helpful if an argument starts to brew between children. A parent can remind them of the treat they will receive if their behavior is appropriate. To add an extra touch of fun to the reward a parent might wrap each one in colorful tissue paper.

An example of an educational and fun activity for a car trip is bringing along a huge road map and helping the children to find their current location. In addition, a map of the United States can be used to point out the different states that the children see on passing license plates. Road signs with city names can be pointed out on the map and discussed as well. Maps are definitely an inexpensive tool for keeping kids occupied on a road trip.

At rest stops it is important that the children leave the car to stretch their legs. If there are maps or other state information available at a rest stop the children can collect some and find out more about the location. The children should use this time doing jumping jacks or running around as long as they take the opportunity to get the wiggles out.

A road trip can be a memorable experience for a family. Many adults fondly remember time spent together with parents on a family road trip. A road trip is an opportunity to get to know one another better and create fun memories.

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