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Hiking in Vermont

Vermont is a beautiful state and ideal for hiking since it has many diverse areas to explore such as woodlands and mountains with breathtaking panoramic vistas. Every region of this great state provides access to trails and hiking areas.

One of the most well known hiking trails in Vermont is Long Trail. The Long Trail stretches across the state of Vermont from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts border going over the Green Mountain and spanning 270 miles long. It ascends to the highest point in Vermont at an elevation of 4,395 feet. There are also 170 miles of side trails to explore. Portions of the Long Trail are wide and suitable for family day hikes. Other parts of the trail become somewhat treacherous as it narrows to 18 inches when it hugs the steep slope of Green Mountain. The southern portion of Long Trail merges with the Appalachian Trail for approximately 100 miles. In fact, the Long Trail is what inspired the creation of the Appalachian Trail.

The Glastenbury Mountain Trail is also part of the Appalachian Trail. It is 22 miles long and is suitable for experienced and beginners alike. There is an opportunity for 3000 ft. ascents which provide awe inspiring panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness. Battell Trail crosses Mount Abraham. This trail is suited for the more experienced hiker since it requires a rigorous climb up the 4000 ft. peak. The trail at Little Rock Pond is a good choice for beginners and families that also provides waterfront campsites for overnight hikes. The trail is 4 miles long, almost 7 miles if a trip to the summit is included. Elevation gain is 300 ft. to Little Rock Pond and 1000 ft. to the summit of Green Mountain. The Big Branch Wilderness Trail is also popular with hikers in Vermont. This trail winds through the Big Branch Wilderness, crosses Baker Peak and hugs Griffith Lake. The circuit takes all but the strongest hikers at least two days. It is rated intermediate difficulty and has an elevation gain of 1400 ft. Mount Pisgah Trail is rated as moderately rough and difficult. It has a total elevation gain of 800 ft. It is well worth the effort as the view from atop the cliff is spectacular.

These are just a handful of the many scenic hiking trails that Vermont has to offer. There is a trail for everyone from beginner to advanced. When planning a hiking vacation to Vermont, the first thing to consider is the time of year when you will visit. Fall is very popular as the weather is cooler and the colorful leaves make for hauntingly beautiful panoramic vistas. Remember that trail conditions will vary with the seasons. Always take the proper precautions to ensure your safety such as taking along a buddy or leaving a trail plan with someone in case you become sick or injured while hiking. You can take an escorted tour of these trails if you do not feel comfortable going by yourself.

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