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A Complete Guide to Motion Sickness

No one is totally immune from it and it can come on quickly. One minute you’re feeling fine and the next you’re queasy and wanting to lie down. Kinetosis is also known as travel sickness or motion sickness and can occur while walking or moving about, driving, flying, or boating. It even sometimes happens to astronauts. If you have ever experienced it, you are fully aware of the condition and would just as soon never have it again. It is so common that it can even affect your pets.

What is Motion Sickness?

It can start when the eyes see movement, but the brain doesn’t feel the body reacting. The body senses when we are moving by touch and our muscular use, but when that isn’t happening; it finds it difficult to understand why the world is passing us by. Another cause for motion sickness is due to an inner ear issue where liquid gets into the canals, which throws our balance out of whack. This is all followed by Dizziness and nausea. 

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Risk Factors & Triggers

Every individual, under the right circumstances is capable of getting motion sickness, but some are more likely than others. Babies and children are most at risk for developing motion sickness. Women too are at a higher risk due to hormonal changes in the body. Those prone to migraines those who are coming down with an illness are also more prone to develop motion sickness.

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Signs and Symptoms

While yawning alone does not mean you have motion sickness, it is often the first sign it is coming on. The skin usually pales; there may also be dizziness, nausea, a headache or restlessness. In some cases, the sufferer may even begin to sweat. This is all followed by sleepiness, which actually is often a good thing. Sleep can be the answer to ignoring symptoms before they get too severe.

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Management and Prevention

Preventing motion sickness is key, especially if you will be on a long trip. Avoid things like caffeine and make sure to stay hydrated. If riding be sure to look forward and not off to the side as things pass by. Eating a light snack periodically is usually very helpful as well, but avoid chocolate or overly sweet snacks as they can aggravate the situation. Make sure you are getting a flow of fresh air and take breaks from moving if at all possible.

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When to Seek Medical Help

If you have tried everything, but your motion sickness has led to prolonged vomiting, it is essential that you hydrate yourself. In most cases, you can help yourself, but in rare cases where vomiting will not subside seek medical help immediately. If you have recurring bouts of motion sickness, seek medical help. There are medications that may be useful.

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