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The Essential Travel Guide to Singapore

Looking for a vacation that offers an ideal blend of shopping, relaxing, sightseeing and adventure? Well, travelers who want all this and more can easily decide on Singapore. Learn more about this small but incredibly fascinating island and discover the many reasons why travelers come here to relax and rejuvenate the soul all through the year.

 Singapore or the Republic of Singapore is an island nation with 63 islets  located right in the middle of Southeast Asia with Malaysia and Indonesia as its neighbors on each side. The total area of the main island is 682.7 sq.km.

 The country enjoys a tropical climate. The weather is usually hot and sunny, although the monsoons visit twice each year. December to March, and June to September are typically monsoon seasons for Singapore, and the country enjoys heavy rainfalls during these months, leading to high humidity. The average daily temperature is around 27 degrees celcius with a maximum of 31 degrees celcius in the afternoons.

 Singapore gained its independence from Great Britain in 1965, and is a republic with a parliamentary form of government. The President of Singapore is elected by the citizens while the Cabinet is led by the Prime Minister. The government has three branches: Executive, consisting of the Head of the State or the President and the Cabinet, Legislative or Parliament, and Judiciary, comprising of the Supreme Court and subordinate courts.

Singapore has a thriving, free-market economy, which is considered somewhat of a miracle because it has achieved a lot in a relatively short span of time. Its currency is the Singapore Dollar and its core industries include electronics, financial services, oil drilling, processed food and beverages among others. It has a pro-enterprise economy and that empowers new businesses and trades. It does a lot of trade with Malaysia, the U.S, Europe, China, Japan, Thailand and several other countries.

While English is the most common language and serves to bring the diverse population of Singapore together, the main languages include Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Singlish is Singapore Colloquial English and is very popular.

 Singapore cuisine is a reflection of the vibrant and diverse culture of the country itself. Flavorful, colorful and truly, delicious, Singapore cuisine offers the world traveler a blend of Indian, Chinese, Malay and Peranakan cuisines to sample from. Chinese cuisine however is a major part of the Singapore food circuit and one can enjoy dishes from various parts of China. Even though other cuisines are popular, Singapore does offer some delightful signature dishes. These include the favorite Hainanese Chicken and Rice, Laksa, Satay and desserts such as Ice Kachang.

 Singapore has a lot to offer the global tourist, and its tourist attractions include a blend of traditional and modern offerings. That could in part be responsible for the growing number of tourists to this island nation. According to www.sg, in 2008 alone, Singapore received 10.1 million visitors. Considering the number of major tourist attractions it has on offer, this isn’t surprising. A few traditional attractions are ethnic neighborhoods such as Chinatown and Little India while modern developments include Resort World, Sentosa, Singapore Flyer and the Night Safari.

 The city-state also has a lot on the plate in terms of nightlife and entertainment. One can spend the night dancing away at St. James Power Station nightclub, thrill the senses during the Grand Prix Season, or savor good food and music at the Wala Wala Café Bar. The choices are unlimited and there is something for everyone. Kids and adults alike can have the time of their life at Resort World ™ Sentosa while shopaholics can delight themselves at Marina Bay.

 Since tourism is an important part of Singapore, it offers a lot of choice in the matter of hotels and accommodation. Depending upon one’s needs, requirements and budget, one can choose from hostels, hotels, resorts and apartments. Therefore, backpackers have no problems in finding budget hostels while families and couple enjoy the comforts of a resort or star-rated hotel.

 Since the cuisine of Singapore is diverse, dining is always a pleasure. One can enjoy eating out at Singapore’s trademark hawkers, intimate restaurants and pulsating nightclubs. Travelers can choose from an open air food center at Maxwell Road Hawker Center that offers a great variety of local and regional dishes, or savor the delicacies offered by the Hacienda for brunch or tea. Families with kids should not worry because there are plenty of child-friendly restaurants that offer buffets and a la carte meals. Some popular kids-only places include Snoopy Place Restaurant based on the lovable cartoon character and Globetrotters, which has a dedicated playzone for kids.

 Shopping is a must-do on every traveler’s list and at Singapore, the choices are endless. Men and women will fall in love with the shopping experience that Singapore offers. The year-round shopping sales are perfect for shopaholics and the occasional buyer. The Great Singapore Sale is a real fiesta with amazing deals and awesome choices. Other than that, travelers can shop at market malls and at precincts such as Holland Village, Orchard Road and Kampong Glam. In fact, one can start or end the shopping experience at Changi Airport which offers a large variety of brands and boutiques to choose from. The Singapore government works hard to ensure that all shopping areas are easy to navigate and shop in.

The rich culture and diverse population of Singapore translate into many festivals all through the year. Nearly every month sees a colorful, joyous festival being celebrated in its full glory. Important festivals include the Chinese New Year in February, National Day in August, Moon Cake or Lantern Festival in September, Festival of the Hungry Ghost in October and finally, Christmas in December. Other festivals that showcase the culture and traditions of Singapore include the Singapore Garden Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and the Food Festival that highlights many different cuisines.

 The Singapore sightseeing experience is heightened with the help of the many tours available. These tours make it possible to cover the various attractions easily and in an organized manner. City Tours and Viator are two of the most popular companies, offering a variety of tours such as the well-known DUKw (pronounced ‘Duck’ ), Singapore Flyer and Singapore City Hop-on Hop-off Tour.

The Singapore sporting calendar has plenty on offer through the year, and sports enthusiasts can plan their trip to coincide with an event of their choice. Singapore will be hosting the 2010 Youth Olympic Games which will see a variety of sporting events being performed. It will also be organizing the 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Grand Prix in September. In addition, one can find events for various sports including golf, tennis, basketball, chess and even, karting championships being organized all through the year.

 Although traveling to Singapore is relatively easy and fuss-free, it is important to have a few travel essentials in place before flying out. The first is the visa. For visitors from countries other than China and India, a visa is not needed. Instead, they may be given social visit passes for up to 30 days. However, a traveler will need a passport, tickets, and funds for staying in Singapore.

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