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Vacation Landmarks: America's Historic Roads and Bridges

As a nation of drivers, many of us have experienced or read about events involving prominent roads, highways and bridges in America. From the glamour of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles to the novelty of Lombard Street in San Francisco, every road tells a story. Along these strips of highway, you will also find historic bridges, such as the Golden Gate Bridge. Below you will find resources on America’s historic roads, bridges, and vacation landmarks.

  • The Alaskan Highway: Running from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, to the Richardson Highway at Delta Junction, Alaska, this 1,523 mile Alaskan highway was formed by American army engineers in a 7 month span.
  • U.S. Route 66: One of America's most famous roads, also known as Will Rogers Highway, U.S. Route 66 originally ran through Chicago, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.
  • Dollarway Road: Located near Redfield, Arkansas, the Dollarway Road earned its title as it cost one dollar per linear foot to construct.
  • The Arroyo Seco Parkway: Also known as the Pasadena Freeway, the Arroyo Seco Parkway is the first western highway, going from downtown Los Angeles and Glenarm Street in Pasadena, CA.
  • Rim Rock Drive: In the canyons of Colorado lays Rim Rock Drive, a 22-mile drive along the Uncompahgre Plateau.
  • 110th Street Bridge: Found in Kossuth County, Iowa, the 110th Street Bridge was built in 1895 and hovers over the East Fork Des Moines River.
  • Meritte Parkway: This limited access parkway, located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, is known for its impressive architecture and scenic layout.
  • Kentmere Parkway: A road in Delaware from Rockford Park and Grove to Brandywine Park, the 14.7 acre Kentmere Parkway was designed by architect Frederick Law Olmstead.
  • State Road A1A: This Florida state road runs along the Atlantic Ocean and is a National Scenic Byway.
  • Kuhio Highway: Beginning at route 56, the Kuhio Highway splits to cross the Wailua River on the two-lane highway bridge.
  • Lincoln Highway: The Lincoln Highway was the first road that spanned across 13 U.S. states.
  • National Road: In the United States, the National Road (also called "The Old Pike") was the first highway built entirely from federal government money.
  • Golden Gate Bridge: The longest suspension bridge in the world spans the Golden Gate, an expanse where the San Francisco Bay meets the Pacific Ocean.
  • Maine Turnpike: This toll highway from Kittery to Augusta was completed in 1947 and became the second superhighway in America.
  • Baltimore-Washington Parkway: This entryway in the state of Maryland runs from Baltimore to Washington, D.C.
  • Woodward Avenue: Also known as the M-1, this Michigan highway is a state truck line and Michigan's first National Scenic Byway.
  • Grands Round Parkway: The Grands Round Parkway explores the biggest regional park in Minneapolis.
  • Natchez Trace Parkway: This historic parkway features over 444 miles on the site of a Civil War battle at the Shiloh National Military Park in 1862.
  • Kansas City Parks & Boulevard System: Located in Kansas City, the Boulevard System is covered with residential sections and recreational areas.
  • Broadway Bridge: Completed in 1913, the Broadway Bridge marks the transition of Broadway Street from the west side to the east side.
  • Beartooth Highway: Called the “most beautiful drive in America” the Beartooth Bridge remains a section of Highway 212 in Montana.
  • Garden State Parkway: This limited access toll parkway covers 174.2 miles across New Jersey.
  • El Camino Real: Also known as the King’s Highway, the El Camino Real refers to a 600-mile highway stretching from San Diego to Sonoma.
  • Bronx River Parkway: Named for the nearby Bronx River, this parkway in downtown New York connects to the Taconic State Parkway.
  • Coal Creek Bridge: Built in 1886, the Coal Creek 7-Span Bridge is located in Fountain County, Indiana.
  • Blue Ridge Parkway: This All-American Road in the state of North Carolina runs 469 miles along the historic Blue Ridge Appalachian Mountains.
  • McKinley Memorial Parkway: The Memorial Parkway in Ohio marks the ending of World War 1 in 1918 upon the signing of the armistice.
  • Columbia River Highway: In Hood River County, lies the Columbia River Highway purchased and donated by Simon Benson.
  • National Road: The historic National Road in Pennsylvania is a look back in time at the American Revolution.
  • Ashley River Road: The Ashley River Road is a section of Highway 61 that runs through Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Iron Mountain Road: The Iron Mountain Road in South Dakota provides a scenic drive through the Black Hills National Forest and Cluster State Park.
  • Honey Run Covered Bridge: This wooden covered bridge between Paradise and Chico California was open until a car crash that damaged the bridge in 1965.
  • Memphis Parkway System: Also known as the ‘Parkways’, this Tennessee parkway system consists of the South Parkway, North Parkway and East Parkway.
  • Floor of the Valley Road: Also know as the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, this Utah road follows the North Fork canyon.
  • Crown Point Road: In Charleston, New Hampshire, the Crown Point Road is an ancient supply route for the military, lost in an area of vast forests and fields.
  • George Washington Memorial Highway: Located in Northern Virginia, the George Washington Memorial Highway is a designated ‘All American Road’.
  • Yellowstone Road: This year-round park and Yellowstone trail can be visited during any season.
  • Delavan’s Vitrified Brick Street: Delavan’s Vitrified Brick Street is an historic rustic road located in Wisconsin.
  • Old Albany Post Road: This 6.6 mile dirt road, located in Philipstown, New York is one of the oldest unpaved roads still in the U.S.
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