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Chile is bordered on the West by the Pacific Ocean, with approximately 2600 miles (4300km) of coastline, Bolivia on its Northeastern border, and for most of its length, Argentina on its Eastern border. Chile's most prominent geologic feature is the Andes Mountain range, which extends most of the country’s length.
Visitors to Chile should know that due to the Humboldt Ocean currents which bring cold waters, wetsuits are needed to enjoy swimming most of the year.

Valparaiso Chile

Valparaiso Chile
Image source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Valpara%C3%ADso_%28la_joya_del_Pacifico%29.png

Valparaiso is a major Chilean seaport area located directly West of the Capitol city of Santiago. Valparaiso is also the location of the National Congress of Chile adding to the areas importance and prestige. Valparaiso is also known as a cultural center and the greater Valparaiso area has Chile's largest population second only to the greater Santiago area.
Staying in

Valparaiso vacation rentals

is a great way to enjoy ones stay providing a more neighborhood experience and providing more space at a lower cost then staying at a resort.
Many of Chiles best known beach resorts aren located in the central part of the country, not far from Santiago and Valpariso.

Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile Vacation Rentals 
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