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Costa Rica Weather and Activities by Month

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Costa Rica Weather and Activities by Month of the Year

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  Costa Rica Weather  
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If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, this planning tool may help. Each monthly historical weather report includes annual activities and events that occur during that month.


January Weather - Activities- Events

There is no better place on Earth to begin a new year than in beautiful Costa Rica. With warm, dry, sunny days and gentle sea breezes at night, the climate in January is at the peak of perfection. The list of enjoyable things to do on land and at sea is read more.....


February Weather - Activities- Events

A trip to Costa Rica during February is like a visit to the Garden of Eden - with the added attraction of miles and miles of spectacular beaches. February weather is just right for countless things to do in the surf, on the sand and throughout read more....


March Weather - Activities- Events

March weather throughout Costa Rica is perfect, with warm dry days and cool nights. Sunshine is abundant along the coasts and in the interior, making deciding which exciting and enjoyable things to do each day a tough call. With warm ocean water read more.....


April Weather - Activities- Events

Weather conditions all across Costa Rica are excellent in April. Hot, sunny days at the beach are followed by mild evenings with soft sea breezes. Anyone’s list of favorite things to do in a tropical paradise can be easily accomplished. The fish are read more....


May Weather - Activities- Events

Despite May being at the beginning of the rainy season in Costa Rica, showers are most common late in the day, giving visitors ample time to enjoy the great outdoors in the morning and usually well into the afternoon. Sunshine and refreshing sea read more....


June Weather - Activities- Events

While June is officially part of the rainy season, it is a great time of year to enjoy the myriad of exciting and enriching things to do throughout Costa Rica. Most mornings and early afternoons are sunny and dry, perfect for a game of golf, tennis read more....


July Weather - Activities- Events

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