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The English Countryside has long been noted for its beauty and dramatic landscapes.  The breathtaking scenery consists of green patchwork fields and farmland, sweeping moors, serene lakes and picturesque villages.  It is no wonder that some of the greatest poets and writers of the English language found their inspiration here.  For those who wish to truly experience the beautiful surroundings and quaint shires of the English Countryside, a vacation rental home is a unique option. Several noteworthy destinations include Stratford-Upon –Avon the home of Shakespeare, the centers of learning at the great universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and the Yorkshire Dales, an area of great natural beauty most of which is a protected national park. Cotswolds and Hampshire are two sprawling areas of the countryside filled with lovely farmland. They are famous for their wool and several breeds of sheep have originated here.  Not only is the English Countryside beautiful but it is also home to many historic sites such as the mysterious Stonehenge in Bournemouth and the ancient Warwick Castle which was built in the year 1068 in response to the growing threat of the Norsemen.  The Lake District in the north is one of the most beautiful areas of England and is a perfect for a relaxing getaway.  Vacations homes and rentals enable one to experience the beauty, charm and history of the enchanting English Countryside in an unrivaled manner.

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