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The Italian Riviera & the surrounding area
Alassio, Liguria & Portofino Vacation Rentals

Italian Riviera Vacation Rentals

The part of Italy known as Liguria, or the Italian Riviera, is home to some of the most attractive and unspoiled places of beauty and relaxation in Europe. Guests of the Italian Riviera’s vacation rentals have the opportunity to enjoy attractions that are unmatched and beyond compare.

Not only are there white sandy beaches and an attractive climate, but there are also many coves and inlets along the picturesque coastline. These sights, alongside the cliffs and mountains of this destination, help to make the Italian Riviera an extraordinary choice for vacationers looking for natural beauty.

Culture, though, is what sets the Italian Riviera apart from every other coastal region. Small Italian towns, including the famous Portofino, provide this destination with an unmatched appeal based on friendliness, cuisine, and hiking. There is so much to do in the Italian Riviera the experience will leave you longing for a trip back to your Italian Riviera vacation rental.