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Italy Vacation Rentals

Italy, the ancient seat of the great Roman Empire, is simply unmatched in terms of famous and nearly legendary attractions. With diverse and beautiful regions ranging from the Italian Riviera to ancient Rome and the wine country, guests of vacation rentals in Italy are sure to have a particularly enjoyable and unmatchable experience.

The city of Venice is famous for having a transportation system based entirely upon canals, which are widely cited as some of the most romantic waterways in the world. This destination offers not only memorable gondola rides, but also architectural masterpieces and delectable Italian cuisine.

The capital city of Rome boasts not only the Colosseum and the autonomous Catholic nation of Vatican City, but pieces of artwork and buildings that are considered the most important and beautiful in the world. The main causeway of the city, Via del Corso, runs straight through regions made famous by innumerable travel guides, international legends, and Dan Brown’s novel “Angels and Demons”; the precursor to the best-selling Da Vinci Code.

The Italian Riviera is also a wonderful destination for guests of Italy vacation rentals, playing host to picturesque beaches, idyllic fishing villages, world-class resorts, and rocky cliffs. Other important parts of the country include the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the cities of Milan, Tuscany, Florence, and Piedmont. Don't forget to check out the towns of Portofino  and Liguria  there also. Wherever and however you spend your Italian vacation, it is sure to be a matchless experience.

Other places to visit in Italy include Italys lakes such as Lake Maggiore and Lake Como.

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