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Portugal, a popular destination for vacation rental guests, shares the Iberian Peninsula with its larger neighbor, Spain. However, as is evident in its robust selection of attractions and destinations, size doesn’t matter. The local culture is rich and built upon interaction between many different religions and ethnicities. Architectural masterpieces abound, historical sites are omnipresent, natural wonders are limitless, and modern attractions are quite numerous. This destination can be divided into several different regions, each with a specific allure and charm.

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, offers a unique combination of ethnic offerings and urban appeal to guests of Lisbon’s vacation rentals. There are innumerable reminders of the rich historical legacy of Lisbon, centering on the role of the city in international exploring expedition half a millennia ago. The old medieval section of the town has undeniable charm for history buffs, and there are many beaches and seaside resorts within easy driving distance of Lisbon.

The Algarve, another popular location for vacation rentals, is geographically separated from the rest of Portugal by a picturesque mountain range, but more than makes up for its isolation with its own special appeal and allure. There is a beautiful harbor, an idyllic lagoon, fishing villages, and a special brand of local cuisine based off of the maritime lifestyle. Naturalists will doubtless be intrigued by the internationally renowned local collections of pomegranate, fig, olive, and especially almond trees that literally blanket the ground with blossoms during the spring.

Oporto, the second most populous city in Portugal, holds a special appeal for guests of vacation rentals who are looking for a wine gourmet’s paradise combined with stunning coastal scenery and internationally recognized bridges. One of Oporto’s special attractions, the riverside district of Ribeira, has been recognized by UNESCO for its special local and worldwide significance. Be sure to visit the Dom Louis Bridge, and sample some of Oporto’s exquisite seafood before leaving your Oporto vacation rental.

The nine Azores islands, well hidden in the Atlantic Ocean’s vast open spaces, have maintained a distinct and alluring identity that is sure to please any guest of the Azores’ vacation homes. There are vast tracts of vineyards and farmland, quaint fishing villages, and cultural attractions, all framed by the “Canary” Islands’ famous natural beauty.

Madeira, a well-known but little visit volcanic island more than five hundred miles distant from Portugal, holds rich rewards for those who acquire a vacation rental or home on its beautiful shores. There is such a great variety of flowers and colorful plants that this paradise has earned itself the nickname of “floating garden”.

The Corta de Estoril, a coastal region of Portugal, is an ideal destination for guests of Portuguese vacation rentals who are looking for the perfect combination of climate, culture, and countryside. Be sure to visit the many national parks, the numerous resorts, and the various other tourist attractions during your stay in this region.