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The Secrets of Seaworld San Diego

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The Secrets of Sea World San Diego

10 Things You Never Knew About Sea World San Diego


For most American families, a pilgrimage to Sea World San Diego is on the bucket list of places to go. While this is a leisurely destination, full of fun and family activities, the planning can be overwhelming. Well, because it’s easy to feel like you’re not taking full advantage of the park’s offering, we’ve compiled a list of the unknown secrets of Sea World San Diego – a guide that will help you maximize your trip and ultimately experience more than the average Sea World adventure.


1.      Ask About Unlisted Events and Shows…
Not every activity detail is listed on the Sea World visitor maps for the public eye. In fact, there are a number of behind the scenes activities such as their Saving a Species and Penguin Encounter tours that are easy to miss if you don’t know about them ahead of time. These are quality activities that aren’t blatantly publicized so be sure to stop by the tour desk just inside the front gate and ask for all of the secret details!

Sea World Unlisted Events and Shows


2.      Save Money, Bring Your Own Water Bottles…
Because coolers, glass bottles and outside food and drink are prohibited within the park, it’s easy to spend an arm and a leg when it comes to keeping your family fed and hydrated. However, Sea World does allow visitors to bring their own plastic water bottles, so, be sure to bring your own water and save yourself a few dollars each and every time your kids need something to drink.

Seaworld bring your own water


3.      On-Site Pet Kennel Service…
If you’ve brought your family pet along on vacation with you, don’t let the burden of finding a pet sitter keep you from enjoying a full day at SeaWorld. While pets are not allowed in the park per se, for only $10 per day, SeaWorld provides a pet kennel service that allows you to drop your pet off at the beginning of the day and pick them up at the end of your visit. Of course, keep in mind that it’s a first-come, first serve service, you must provide your own food and bowls and “SeaWorld is not responsible for your pet.”

Seaworld San Diego Pet Kennel Service


4.      More than Just a Military Discount…
While many theme parks offer a humble military discount, the fine folks at SeaWorld proudly salute our American troops and military veterans by offering more than just a nominal discount, in fact, they offer free admission! Yep, keep in mind that once per year, with an active military ID card, military personnel and three of their guests (family or friends) can enter the park for free!

Seaworld military discounts


5.      Buy Your Tickets Online…
Much like booking a hotel or an airline ticket, buying a SeaWorld admission ticket directly at the gate, on the day of your visit, is rarely your best-priced bet. If you anticipate visiting SeaWorld with your family in the distant future, buy your tickets online and ahead of time – you may find the tickets to be cheaper through an online promotion, as well as, you’ll save yourself the hassle of battling the swarming ticket booth crowds that are all fighting for the same spot.

Seaworld San Diego Buy tickets online


6.      Hang Out with Shamu and the Trainers…
If you’ve ever had a burning question or two that you’d like to ask a SeaWorld animal trainer, you can finally get your chance … Yep, what most people don’t know is that SeaWorld’s exclusive Dine with Shamu program is one of the only ways to gain backstage access to the killer whale habitat and get a uniquely up-close and personal encounter with the whales and their trainers as they work together. Of course, spaces are limited so, if you want to get all of your questions in, make reservations!

Seaworld San Diego Shamu and Trainers


7.      Know the Animals’ Feeding Schedule…
Aside from hanging out with Shamu, one of the other top attractions at SeaWorld is the thrilling experience of physically feeding the animals with your own hands. However, keep in mind, the animals in the park aren’t eating all-day-every-day so, if you’re hoping to feed the dolphins and/or sea lions, be sure to check the feeding schedules at the beginning of each day and make sure you’re in the right place at the right time – otherwise, you might miss out on this very special opportunity!

Seaworld San Diego Learn the animals feeding schedule


8.      The Strategy of Staying Cool…
The major appeal of sunny San Diego is its constant sunshine and tropical temperatures that can climb above the national average, however, this blessing can also be a curse for any heat-sensitive visitors. What most guests don’t realize is that visiting one of the indoor exhibits such as the Wild Arctic or the Shark Encounter, when outdoor temperatures are at their peak, is a strategic way to stay cool in the heat of the day.

Seaworld San Diego How to stay cool


9.      Two Shows in One…
When the information desk tells you that the Shamu show starts at 2pm, the secret is to always remember that there is a show before the show. Although the main event may start on the hour, guests that arrive early are rewarded with the hilarious antics of Clyde and Seamore, a sea lion duo that are arguably as entertaining as the big ticket act to follow. Get to your seat a half-hour early and enjoy two quality shows in one!

Seaworld San Diego two shows in one


10.  Classic Theme Park Secrets Apply…
Although SeaWorld is a totally unique experience, it’s still a theme park by nature; therefore, there are a couple classic navigational secrets for theme parks in general that, if enlisted, can improve your overall experience.

Start at the End: Everyone starts at the first exhibit and works their way toward the back – why not beat the crowd and start at the end and have the first couple exhibits to yourself?

Use Peak Hours to Your Advantage: When it comes to battling the masses, it helps to be on an opposite schedule. That said, plan to visit the most popular exhibits during peak meal hours and during the most popular shows – while the rest of the park is eating or watching Shamu, you can revel in the minimized traffic.

The Off Season: SeaWorld’s obvious peak season is during the summer months so visiting in the off season (late September to early May) will put you in a position to enjoy the park with fewer fellow guests.

Seaworld San Diego best season


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