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French Riviera Vacation Rentals

The French Riviera has been called an “adult playground”, and while that certainly is an undeniable part of the Riviera experience, this does nothing to diminish the appeal of this destination for more tame members of the population. There are hilltop resorts, beaches, and museums present in sufficient numbers to counteract the perceived negative influences of the extensive nightlife and party scene.

The city of Nice is in the region, offering a zoo and excellent culinary experience. Also in the Riviera region is an ancient Roman town that guests of French Riviera vacation rental will enjoy exploring. There are quiet, tranquil hillside villages with unmatched views of the country scenery just half an hour away from the hustle and bustle of Cannes and Nice.

This area also has a great deal of museums, including the Matisse and Chagall collections, where the artwork of world-renowned artists is on display. The famous casino nation of Monaco is nearby, boasting not only gambling but also racetracks and even a shark lagoon. Whatever your tastes, and however strict your morals, as a guest of a vacation rental in the French Riviera you are sure to enjoy your stay.

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